Fishes Maze hand-eye coordination, matching and concentration 🐠🐟

Fishes Maze hand-eye coordination, matching and concentration 🐠🐟

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 USEFUL FOR: Development of fine motor skills, motor coordination, logical connectivity, and visual perception. Learning to match the colors and to identification it.

HOW TO USE: The child uses his finger (not the nail), slides the beads in the maze and places them next to the green / yellow fish (matching), thinks in which direction he must go to reach feeding them.

Colors Matching, Counting, Shapes and Maze (in one activity) - The child has to feed the fishes using their fingers. Each fish is a specific color yellow or green.

This is a quiet and busy Fishes Maze page with fishes of different colors in the maze. It will be interesting for little boys or girls. It’s a great simulator for the development of fine motor and cognitive skills.

It combines sensory stimulation with activities that develop hand muscles, hand-eye coordination, language and communication, memory and imagination, logic and child’s attention, but also the power of concentration.

How to play?

  1. Using your finger (not nail), slide the beads in to the fish’s mouth
  2. Think which way you need to go in order to get to the destination
  3. With other hand remove your obstacles by lifting them

Recommended age: 1-4 years

. This fits nicely in a quiet book. It would also be great as a learning tool in a classroom.

The format page is 8.5” x 9.5” (22.5*24.5 cm).

This page can be ordered separately as an activity play mat or as part of a Quiet Book. More pages can be added. This is a high quality Quiet Book made out of cotton fabric and felt.

You can put together your own book. Just write to me, which pages you like and we will form an individual book. Pages are made by order that is why, please, inform us about the deadline.

Each quiet book is made individually to order, so there may be some differences in colors and minor details.

While I do everything I can to make sure the beads will not come off this page, the activity must played with by children with adult supervision.