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Sandra Galindo - Amuyu Designs

Welcome to my Amuyu Designs website. My name is Sandra Galindo and I am an early childhood teacher.

Are you looking for new ways to educate and entertain your kids? I am very excited to present to you and your family my latest project: SENSORY PLAYBOOK

Amuyu Designs' festive, colorful, fun and educational designs bring happiness and help people improve their family lifestyle. Thank you for visiting this page and choosing to explore my work.

Think about this:
Pandemic = reinvention. The best time to start thinking about new strategies and new resources to help people.

In my case, I have been thinking about the children and their parents, and the different situations: "But now that I am working from home ..."; "We were going on long vacations ..."; "Children often have more trouble with recovery time during any stressful period." "It is important to help children feel safe, maintain healthy routines, control their behavior and develop resilience"; "My son has trouble concentrating and doesn't like to read"; "We need something to keep them busy, especially when we go to places where the tablet just isn't convenient...".

People need ideas so they can make the most of the everyday moments that matter now. For this reason, I am pleased to present to you  AMUYU'S SENSORY PLAYBOOK which includes screenless learning activities in this digital world in which we live. Let's teach children other ways to entertain themselves. Let's help them use their imagination. We will guide them to interact with others. Let's give them activities they can have a lot of fun with, without looking at the screen! My book will help children improve a wide range of skills while playing and having fun: fine motor skills, attention, imagination, cognitive skills, and the ability to recognize colors, letters, numbers, shapes, and the world around them.

Every book is a UNIQUE product, HANDMADE, fully CUSTOMIZED, and made exclusively by order.

I am detail-oriented and continuously strive to make things better.

Still here? Let's connect! I'd love to hear more about you and how I can help you!