Abacus Penguin🐧

Abacus Penguin🐧

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The fun Abacus Penguin page will teach your child how to count from 1 to 5: one, two, three, four, and five! Small beads from 1 to 5 are attached to the contact cords and it is a great way to practice counting skills by moving them from left to right 9 (Fine motor skills). The child can explain the sequence of numbers and understands the relationship between number of beads and the numbers.

It combines sensory stimulation with activities that develop hand muscles, hand-eye coordination, language and communication, memory and imagination, but also the power of concentration.

Recommended age: 1-4 years.

This counting page is a whimsical way to learn numbers. This fits nicely in a quiet book. It would also be great as a learning tool in a classroom.

The format page is 8.5” x 9.5” (22.5*24.5 cm). The cords and the piece of felt over the ends have been sewn by hand.

This page can be ordered separately as an activity play mat or as part of a quiet book.

You can put together your own book. Just write to me, which pages you like and we will form an individual book. Pages are made by order that is why, please, inform us about the deadline.

Each toy is made individually to order, so there may be some differences in colors and minor details.

While I do everything I can to make sure the beads will not come off this page, the activity must played with by children with adult supervision.