Mirror Sun with Ribbons🌞

Mirror Sun with Ribbons🌞

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RECOMMENDED AGE: 6 month or older.

USEFUL FOR: Fun  learn about themselves, facial recognition, color identification, sensory play and, the world around them.

HOW TO USE: Try holding the baby in front of the mirror. They may even reach out to touch the “baby” in the mirror. Eventually, they will learn they are seeing their own face and start to recognize their reflection. While looking in the mirror with your baby, you can use this chance to help develop their vocabulary!

Mirror, mirror in the book! Watch the kid delight in this rewarding activity... Because really, what is better than a child with a happy face?!? This is the simple activity, but amazingly versatile simply a mirror (baby safe of course).  It’s more than just giggles and smiles though, the mirror work helps learn about themselves, facial recognition, color identification,  sensory play and, the world around them.

The safety mirror in this page is acrylic mirror.

It combines sensory stimulation with activities that develop hand muscles, hand-eye coordination, language and communication, memory and imagination, but also the power of concentration.

Recommended age: 0-4 years

This page can be ordered separately as an activity play mat or as part of a quiet book.

You can put together your own book. Just write to me, which pages you like and we will form an individual book. Pages are made by order that is why, please, inform us about the deadline.

Each book is made individually to order, so there may be some differences in colors and minor details.

While I do everything I can to make sure the beads will not come off this page, the activity must played with by children with adult supervision.

Thanks for looking!